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Bring Joy to Life with Funny Photo

When big day comes, you may want to show your care and love to the people around you. Or you may want to express friendliness to your colleagues and get office lively again. Even in the ordinary days, there would be some extraordinary events that you want to mark. If you are looking for something funny and special to fulfil your needs, then Funny Photo Maker can give you what you want.

Extremely easy to use as it is, Funny Photo Maker comes packed with full set of templates and effects that helps you edit funny photos then apply in many different occasions. Even if you happen to be an amateur to photo editing, you are definitely able to use the free and handy photo editor to create amusing greeting ecards, fun photo album, photo diary, facebook timeline cover, photo poster, photo calenders, etc. You can learn more about the free photo frames, face fun templates and photo effects in this freeware. Funny Photo Maker allows you to enjoy photo editing and brings joy to your life with funny photos.

Funny Photo Maker interface.

Versatile Fun Photo Maker!

Funny Photo Maker can offer you more possibilities in photo editing. Just a few clicks then you can create funny photos for different use and bring joy to your life. With Funny Photo Maker, you can
  • Make greeting ecards with nice frames;

  • Edit photos with artistic effects;

  • Create amusing photo diary with face fun;

  • Customize photo with powerful but handy parameters;

  • Zoom in & zoom out for preview;

  • Output in gorgeous BMP, JPG, PNG image file;

  • Export photos in GIF animation.

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Funny Photo Ecard

Take a look at Frames section, you will find Funny Photo Maker could be a funny photo ecard creator. With well-designed photo frames inside, you could easily turn daily photos into funny photo ecards. Funny Photo Maker provides you with plenty of free photo frames that could be applied to different ecard creation. There are frames for creating Christmas Ecard, Valentines ecard, miss you ecard, wedding ecard, etc. You could also release your creativity and make full use of the photo frames to create other special and interesting ecard. Download Funny Photo Maker, then you would never need to rack your brains to impress your loved ones when important day is near.

wedding ecard

Fun Photo Album

Want to make an photo album for your family but get bored by the dull photo? Then make yourself another one of great fun! Funny Photo Maker includes a good set of photo effects that you can play with. You can apply mosaic, 3D Grid, wax paint, contour and any other special effects to make your photos look attractive with simple clicks. What's more, this handy tool also got plenty of options ( like clip box, search face, color blending and other parameters for details adjustment ) for you to customize photo effects, helping you to process your photo and make a perfect fun photo album.

christmas snow

Facebook Timeline Cover & Photo Diary

Fancy about Facebook or other social networks and you want to mark the days with funny and eye-catching photos? You can't miss face fun templates! With funny photo, you can have more choice to create photo diary to express you emotion. You can do naughty thing like embedding face of any one you know to Apes, Astronaut, Celebrity, movie character and more. Just pick one face fun template then you can get humorous photos in BMP, JPG, PNG or GIF for adding as your Facebook timeline cover or adding to your personal profile page in other social websites.

facebook photo diary