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Welcome to Funny Photo Maker Support Center. Here you can help yourself with Funny Photo Maker FAQ. You can contact us for more suggestions, problems and help. Funny Photo Maker offers you advanced features for funny photo creating and will constantly upgrade with more photo frames, photo effects, face fun templates and powerful options to give you more fun on photo editing.

Funny Photo Maker FAQ

1. Is there a Mac Version for Funny Photo Maker?
No. Currently there is no Mac version of Funny Photo Maker yet. But we will consider to add Mac version to our program development schedule to offer more solution in funny photo editing.


2. Is Funny Photo Maker compatible with Vista?
Yes. Funny Photo Maker is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP.


3. Is Funny Photo Maker completely free of charge? Does it have any limitation?
Funny Photo Maker is a 100% free photo editor. You don't need to pay any cent for downloading and using. There's no undesired subscription, no unwanted plugin, no watermark and no pop-up window asking for purchase, yet completely clean and free of ads. You are free to use the frames, effects, face fun and any functions inside. You won't have any limitation on using this tool at all. Once installed, you can enjoy lifetime free update.


4. Could I add my favourite photo frames, face fun templates to the program?
If you have any favourite photo frames or face fun images resources and feel comfortable for sharing with other people, you can send us the images resources then we will add it to Funny Photo Maker as soon as possible. Please make sure the length or height of the image is not less than 400 pixels, not more than 2048 pixels. Image length/ height of about 1000 pixels is most preferable.


5. Do I have to update the program every time there is a new version?
We constantly make major or minor updates to Funny Photo Maker with improvements based on the feedback from our users like you (See Funny Photo Maker Version History for detailed info of version update ). If you feel the current version you are using is OK, you can ignore the updates and continue to go with it. If you would like more free photo effects and templates, you can update the free photo editor anytime you want.

Contact Us For More Support

For customer service, general inquiry, and any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Welcome to Contact Us For:

1. Personalizing Funny Photo Templates : Found some interesting resources? In fact, you could help to turn them into free and ready-for-use photo templates in this free photo editor then share with all other users. You just need to send us the images resources which we will process as soon as possible and add to our next update. Images specifications: length or height is better not less than 400 pixels, not more than 2048 pixels.

2. Translating Funny Photo Maker into your native language: You can join our efforts on perfecting this free tool with your native language then get reward for that. Please refer to this tutorial on how to translate Funny Photo Maker. Your help and contributions to other users of this free editing program will be highly appreciated.

3. Reporting Problems and Suggestions: If you could not find a solution from the FAQ above, please tell us you problems and we will offer you immediate help. If you have any idea on features addition or functions enhancement, please don't hesitate to let us know. Funny Photo Maker aims at providing users with more fun on photo editing and will perfect itself with constantly function enhancement.