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How to Become a Movie Star on a Movie Poster

Becoming a movie star needs talent, luck, hard work, dedication, patience, and so on. But becoming a movie star on a movie poster only needs two things, there are your photos and our free photo editing program named Funny Photo Maker. Funny Photo Maker is a user-friendly photo editor for making funny photos. It can replace the movie actor of a movie poster with you within a few clicks. It's a free photo editing program, so why not try to become a movie star on a movie poster with this magic photo editor? Making funny photos about you and your favorite movie poster will be full of much fun.

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How to Substitute You for the Movie Star on a Movie Poster

The whole steps of editing a funny movie star poster can be divided into 3 steps. Firstly, import your photo; secondly, replace the face of a movie star with yours on a movie poster; third, export your movie poster.

Step 1. Import your photos to our free photo editing program.

Before importing your photos to our free funny photo editor, you'd better know which photos are suitable for making funny movie posters with. The photos which display your face fully will be better for making funny movie posters, because this free photo editing program applies the way of replacing the face of a movie actor to make funny Movie Posters.

You'll see "Add Image" button once you run this funny photo editor. The "Add Image" button is for importing your photos and clicking this button will activate a file explore window for finding, choosing and adding the photos.

Step 2. Replace the movie star with you on a movie poster.

After importing your photos, the panel under the "Photo Gallery" will display the thumbnails of all the photos you added. The screenshot is shown below. The screenshot below also shows three tabs on the top right. They are the three kinds of funny effects in Funny Photo Maker. Only the "Face fun" group contains the funny movie poster templates. So first let's click the "Face fun" tab and then start replacing the movie star with you on a movie poster.

Choose a movie poster template

First, you should select a thumbnail from the panel under the "Photo Gallery". As mentioned above, these thumbnails stand for the photos you added to this free photo editing software. Second, choosing a funny movie poster template. Third, edit your photos to make your movie star face looks more natural on the movie poster. There are two tabs under the preview window for editing your photos. You can position the eyes and mouth on your photos in "Edit Original Image" tab. And the "Edit Template" tab is for adjusting the funny face templates.

You can aslo add some words on this funny movie poster if you like. The steps to add texts are: first, double click the photo in preview window or left click the "Edit" button; second, click the "Text" tab on the new opened window; third, add texts.

Step 3. Export your movie poster.

After finishing replacing the movie star with you on a movie poster, you need to export it before you go on making your next movie poster. You can start exporting your funny movie poster by clicking the "Export" tab on the top left. The screenshot below is the interface after clicking the "Export" tab. In this interface, you can choose to do the last edit or to do the final export, and you can also zoom in and zoom out your funny movie posters.. The "Edit" button on this window is the same as the "Edit" button on the right of the "Add Image" button. After clicking the "Save" button and setting the size & output folder of your movie poster on the next opened window, you can export the movie poster to your computer by clicking the "Export" tab.

Export movie poster

The screenshots above are just an example of a movie star on the movie poster of Avatar. There are many other movie poster templates in Funny Photo Maker. For example, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Pirates of Caribbean, Twilight, etc. If you want more templates, and if you have any good templates, please share with us! We are looking for templates to add to this free photo editing program. Our email address is support@funny-photo-maker.com. With the help of your, Funny Photo Maker will have more and more templates for all the funny photo funs.