How to Make a Free Calendar with Funny Photo Maker

The year 2013 is coming, and Funny Photo Maker brings some exciting things to everyone, that is various free calendar templates. With the free calendar templates in Funny Photo Maker, you can make your own calendars for 2013 and 2012. Compared Funny Photo Maker with other calendar makers, Funny Photo Maker is considered to be better for its two features. The two features are: first, it is totally free to edit with all the calendar templates, even with the calendar templates for 2013; second, the calendars powered by Funny Photo Maker are printable calendars.

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Tutorial on How to Make a Free Calendar

If you have ever used Funny Photo Maker to make some funny pictures, you must know that it only needs 3 steps in all to edit whatever pictures with Funny Photo Maker. Therefore, like making funny Halloween pictures and funny GIF baby pictures, making a free calendar with Funny Photo Maker only takes three simple steps too.

Step 1. Prepare a picture for editing your own calendar and import it to Funny Photo Maker.

More often than not, most people like putting the portrait of themselves on the calendar. Anyway, whatever kind of picture you want to put on your calendar, you need to make sure this picture is saved on your computer. For your convenience, here highly suggests you save it on your desktop. After making sure the picture which you plan to make a free calendar with is saved on our computer, you can run Funny Photo Maker and import the picture to Funny Photo Maker. By clicking the picture with "Open Images", Funny Photo Maker will start importing your pictures.

Import the picture for editing your own calendar to Funny Photo Maker.

Step 2. Edit your own calendar with Funny Photo Maker.

After you import the picture to Funny Photo Maker, you will see the thumbnail of your picture under the words "Photo Gallery". Then you can start editing your own free calendar. The editing work starting by finding the calendar template you like. Because making a calendar is not editing funny effects to the face on pictures nor adding artistic effects to your picture, so you should go the "Frame" group to find the calendar templates.

Choose a funny calendar template.

The above screenshot is the interface after you find the free calendar templates. The previous eight free calendar templates are for making calendars for 2012. If you want to see the make a calendar for 2013, you need to scroll the mouse. The free calendar templates for 2013 have an orange arrow on its thumbnail. It means the templates are not stored on your computer and need to be downloaded. To download the free calendar templates for 2013, you need double click the picture in the preview window.

Downloadable funny calendar templates.

After downloading the free calendar template for 2013, Funny Photo Maker will display the calendar with your picture on it. If you think your picture need to be cropped or rotate, you can edit it by clicking the "Edit Original Image" tab. The following screenshot is the what happended after downloading the first calendar template of 2013.

Download the funny calendar templates.

Step 3. Save the free calendar you made to computer and print it.

The preview window offers you the real-time calendar you edit. Once you think the calendar is perfect, you can export it to your computer. The "Export" button on the top left is for exporting, you can click it to start exporting. Because the free calendar powered by Funny Photo Maker is still an image file, so your calendar is a printable calendar.