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How to Edit Funny Money Face Pictures

Lot’s people show their money faces pictures online, which are indeed somewhat funny. Seeing their funny money face pictures, we can easily know that they got them by placing the creased money in front of the people’s faces and then take the pictures with the use of visual tricks. Aside the way they used, here introduce another way to edit funny money pictures, that is put your own faces on money.

You can use the brilliant photo editor Photoshop to edit funny money pictures, or you may also use the much more simple free funny photo editor Funny Photo Maker. Because you may need to learn some technical skills to use Photoshop, so if you are not familiar with Photoshop, you’d better use the more user-friendly free funny photo editor Funny Photo Maker. Before showing you the easy way to edit funny money pictures, let’s see some funny money samples.

Some funny money photos created by Funny Photo Maker.

The above funny money pictures are edited by putting a boy's photo on money. The above funny money pictures includes US Dollar, British Pounds, Japanese Yen and Euro. It's quite easy to edit funny money pictures like the above with Funny Photo Maker. All you have to do is preparing the following things and spending a few minutes on photo editing.


After you downloaded Funny Photo Maker, please install and then run this free funny photo editor to start editing funny money pictures. The interface below is the first interface of Funny Photo Maker. Seeing from the interface below, you will agree that the interface of this free funny photo editor is indeed very clean and simple. Now let's the steps on editing funny money pictures.

The interface of Funny Photo Maker

Step 1. Add photos to Funny Photo Maker

You can use a very casual photo to edit a funny money picture. The only requirement is that your face must be in that photo. The adding photos step is always as easy as 1-2-3. The way of importing the first pictures is clicking the picture with “Open Images” on it, and the way of importing the next pictures is clicking the button “Add Image”. You can press “Ctrl” and “Shift” to help selecting many pictures at one time. The pictures you added will show on the right panel, which has two default photos in the above screenshot.

Step 2. Make funny money and optimize the funny money

The first thing to do after adding photos is finding the funny money templates. The three kinds of templates are well displayed on the right panel of the program. You can know it from the above screenshot. The funny money templates are from the "Frame" templates. You just need to click the "Frame" tab and scroll the mouse to find the funny money templates. All the funny money templates have an orange arrow on it. This orange arrow stands for download. So before using these funny money templates, you need to download them. Double click of the mouse is the way of downloading them.

The magic moment comes after the funny money templates are downloaded. Can you image a funny money picture will be made right after a slight click of the mouse on one of the funny money templates? Let see the interface below, which shows what Funny Photo Maker displays after a click on the funny money template "Ten Thousand Dollars".

Choose a funnny money template and apply the funny money photo effects to your photo.

The default setting in Funny Photo Maker is applying the whole photo to the editing area of the funny templates. So the editing area of the funny templates will show the small-sized photo you added. If you added a photo which only a tiny part of it is your face, then you'd better click "Edit Original Image" button to crop it. Aside from cropping, you can also add speeches to your funny money pictures. The "Edit" button on the top right is for editing many other funny effects.

Step 3. Save the funny money pictures you made.

It's take you just few minutes to make one funny money picture. When the funny effects of the funny money picture is ready, then it's time to save the funny money picture to your computer. Exporting the edited funny money picture is easy. You just need to click the "Export" button and choose "Save". Because Funny Photo Maker is a free funny photo editor, so you are allowed to make as many funny money photos as you like. And if one day you are tired of making funny money, you can also try to make funny animal pictures, edit your own funny movie posters, or create funny gif baby picture.